LNG Storage Tank Darwin

Project: LNG Storage Tank Darwin
Client: Bechtel
Contractor: Thiess TTK

As engineering consultants to Thiess TKK, BG&E have undertaken the structural design of the concrete outer containment walls and base slab of this 188,00m3 LNG storage tank. The walls are designed to contain the LNG at a temperature of -168°C, in the event of a failure of the steel, inner tank.


  • 92m diameter, 35m high containment tank that is post-tensioned both circumferentially and vertically.
  • Fixed wall to base connection.
  • Uniform wall thickness for majority of height.
  • Four pilasters for post-tensioning of circumferential cables.
  • Vertical cables without loops to avoid risk of blockages.
  • Use of cryogenic steel reinforcement.
  • Designed for severe thermal gradient effects.