Point Murat Pier

Project: Point Murat Pier, Exmouth WA
Client: Marine & Civil for the Department of Defence

Since 1993, BG&E has carried out a number of briefs for the Department of Defence on its Point Murat Pier in Exmouth. This work has included:

  • Structural condition surveys and
  • Design of critical repairs and upgrades.

Under a Design & Construct contract with Marine & Civil, BG&E documented a new concrete deck for the pier head of the jetty, replacing the existing timber deck.

The existing timber deck comprised hardwood timber rafts, supported on steel beams that formed part of the pier substructure. The hardwood used on the deck had gaps, was warped and unsuitable for access and as an operating platform.

After extensive consultation, the preferred alternative was to replace the existing timber decking with a deck constructed of concrete. The new deck was designed to maintain existing and future live loading conditions and provide safe access for future stakeholders.

The final solution involved precast concrete slabs supported off the secondary I-beams of the substructure and made composite with an in situ concrete deck. The design incorporated existing, removable guardrails and light poles. In addition, the deck needed to be constructed to allow the suspension of scaffolding under the pier deck, so that all substructure steelwork could be accessed for future maintenance.